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Life Coaching Services

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Many people have no idea what they want out of their lives or careers, they don’t know where to start in order to get there. Sometimes it feels like everyone else has figured this out except for you. You feel stuck and lost with nowhere to turn for help.


Finding it difficult to find work/life balance?

Want to change your profession?

Are you struggling with the weight that you have gained/lost?

Do you procrastinate?

My background is not just as a coach, but I also have over 20 years of experience as a business manager with John Lewis and Dior.

I have navigated many challenging situations throughout my career. I understand how difficult it can be when you are faced with decisions about your professional development and personal growth. Facing opportunities that could potentially change your life forever!

Let me guide you through this journey. My life coaching services will provide tools, techniques, resources, education and guidance on how best to navigate these changes and create lasting results!

Life Coaching Services


Building Relationships

Showing you ways to listen to your family, friends, and colleagues will make for a more positive, productive environment.

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Weight Loss/Gain

Through utilizing probing questions, we delve deeper into establishing the root cause of your concerns.


Stress Management

Devising self-help techniques, combined with lifestyle changes to reduce stress and anxiety.

Career Progression

Boosting your confidence to provide insight, inspiration and encouragement to take control.

How Do I know If Life Coaching is Right For Me?

There are all sorts of things that can get in the way and keep us from living a life we love. Maybe it’s our relationships, or maybe, it’s our job. Or, every once in a while, some less obvious challenge. Like an anxiety disorder or sleep, the problem might be getting the best of us.

When these problems start to dominate our lives…severely impact other areas of our life…or simply affect how much meaning we find in them, then maybe my life coaching services are for you!

You feel lost, overwhelmed and doubt yourself!

Thousands of people find themselves feeling lost and alone. That’s when you need somebody to give you some advice, show you the way, comfort your soul, make you laugh again. I can be that person for you – as a life coach, my life coaching services will help guide you in any situation.

I will provide you with clarity, on what you want, why you want it and how to get it. Motivating you to take little steps, find new ways both in work and home life to take you away from your comfort zone.


You need to improve your health and well-being

I hear all the time, “I need to improve my health.” But are you solving the issue or just masking it with another unhealthy fix?

Are you confused about where to start and how to find a good plan for your needs? Let me help! Life coaching will break down the issues, create goals, develop solutions, and provide accountability.

I will nudge you to move beyond your comfort zone to establish personal growth, create momentum, productivity and diminish fear to enter your ‘performance zone’.

You're stressed, and everyone knows it

Life is stressful. Work, family and the uncertainty of what comes next can add up to a lot of stress that you may not know how to deal with.

We all want more control over our lives, but sometimes it feels like we’re at the mercy of our circumstances. I get it because I’ve been there too. But now that I have my life back on track, so can you!

My life coaching services will help you cope with your feelings in healthy ways instead of letting them build up inside until they spill out in unhealthy ways. You’ll learn coping skills together with emotional well being in order for you to overcome the uncertainty and stress affecting your life.

You feel like your career isn't moving forward?

Do you feel like your career isn’t moving forward? Do you want to explore career options when it feels too risky or expensive to actually try them out? Is a promotion feeling light-years away and the only thing on your mind is this wonderfully destructive perfectionism that has stopped you from doing anything meaningful with your time lately? It’s time for some professional coaching!

I will help you to devise specific goals that you want to achieve. I will encourage you to focus on your potential. Help you to move forward in your life. Utilizing strategies and techniques that are aimed to assistant you in achieving your goals. Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Hi, my name is Jermaine.

I always thought I could push myself to achieve my goals. However, as my work life took over. I found it very difficult to motivate myself to get things done, to better myself.

I was a firm believer; I never needed anyone to help with accomplishing anything. But thank God I reached out to Priscilla. She has implemented small achievable goals for me to work towards and checks up on how I am doing, which allows me to complete my goals a lot quicker. Just
knowing Priscilla will check up on what I have done is encouraging enough to get things done.

I would definitely recommend Priscilla as a life coach. She asked me questions, evaluated what was going on and what needed to be rectified. She is very easy to talk to.

Even if you really feel you can complete your goals yourself, having a life coach can really help you get stuff done and on time.

Jermaine Pinnock

Fire Health & Safety Officer, Knightsbridge

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