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Frequently Asked

1. What happens during a coaching session?

Each session that takes place will start with a recap from the previous session and a look at your progress and successes in general.

Your session will be based on what you want to achieve. After which, we will discuss where you are at the moment with your particular goal; What you have tried. Perhaps, what has worked and not worked, and also any obstacles that have stood in your way. We will then proceed to explore possible options in achieving your goal; using many techniques.
Most importantly, we will look at what actions you want to set yourself from a list of options to achieve your goal.

2. How long are the coaching sessions?

Sessions take approximately 30- 60 minutes. These sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever suits your life and is dependent on the speed at which you can take action to achieve your goals.

3. How many sessions will I need?

It depends on what it is that you want to achieve in the long term. If we’re looking at short term goals or working towards something more life-changing, then the sessions can vary from 6 sessions for some and more for others.

4. What will I have to do?

To get the best from the sessions, you need to have a positive mental attitude towards achieving your goal.

You need to be open, trusting and honest within the coaching relationship. Allowing yourself time, and commitment to complete the actions that you will set yourself at the end of each session. These actions will determine how close you get to your overall goal. Your level of commitment will greatly influence the speed and extent to which your goals will be achieved.

I will provide you with endless bouts of motivation, guidance and encouragement in a non-judgement setting.

5. How much does it cost?

Coaching is a life-changing experience that will make you realize just how much power and potential you truly have.

Session prices are as low as £60 and can last up to 60 minutes. The investment will be worth it. For more information on coaching packages and their respective pricing plans, Click Here.

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