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Professional Life Coach


I help people increase their confidence, clarity and motivation to live the lives they want.

As a professional life coach, my mission is to teach people how to have more peace of mind by clearing out the clutter in their lives so that they can focus on what matters most.

A Few Words About Me

My fav coffee is Jamaican Blue Mountain – so smooth and nutty no other tastes quite like it.

Adore elephant’s – such family-oriented animals. I have an elephant in most rooms in my house.

Love red – people say red is for danger or has a sexual connotation. On the other hand, I find it liberating, free and unrestricted.

My place of origin is Mauritius – My Mother moved to England in 1966, followed by my grandmother and uncles in 1967. An absolute paradise, delicious food, friendly people, scenic views. (You must visit).

Priscilla means in Latin – Ancient (I don’t agree), in Hebrew – Delightful (I agree). In the urban dictionary (which I certainly do agree with) – A great friend. You will never forget her, always there for you. She never wants to give up always wants to keep going. Judge her she does not care; make fun of her; she may care but carries on walking. If she falls down, she gets straight back up. (key skill)

Would love to visit Cambodia – I had the pleasure of travelling to Vietnam a couple of years ago. However, I did not have enough time to visit Cambodia. I would love to see Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, and Ta Prohm Temple. As you can tell, I have a real fascination for Temples.

Passion for Jazz – Dexter Gordon, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and John Coltrane a few of my favs. My passion for jazz has inspired me to learn how to play the saxophone.

My shout-outs to the universe in the morning are – I make a difference, I am happy & grateful, I am growing into the best version of myself, I am making the best use of my time.

I have developed a passion for house plants – this is when perseverance really kicked in. I purchased three Calathea plants last year, but they have all died on me. However, I will not give up. I will keep buying them until I discover where I am going wrong.

My newfound skill is knitting. I have surprised myself with the hats, scarves, poncho, baby cardi, booties, blankets and socks that I have made for myself & family. I am loving the yarn.

My Values & Beliefs


As my life has progressed, one of my true values is Honesty. It is not just about obtaining that job that you have been after or getting new clients. It’s about being true to yourself. Honesty gives you the power to be the best you can be. I strongly believe in honesty; I live my life around it. In my view, it promotes openness, shows respect, allowing us to observe everything around us with clarity.


Another is Respect, be it partners or friends’ husbands or wives. When you are younger it does not feature as an important value. When you have lived your life and have experienced life, you realise how important Respect is. It provides you with safety, trust and a general feel of wellbeing. We can accept people for who they are, even if you disagree with them or they are different from you be it gender, race, age etc.


I am being hired for a reason. Which is to help you make a difference in your life. What you share with me maybe be your deepest emotions and secrets, and that comes with a huge responsibility; the responsibility to honour Confidentiality no matter what happens.


Perseverance can be defined by you being committed to your goals. It amplifies your motivation levels. It widens your knowledge in regards to yourself and your goals.

Being able to continue with a goal despite barriers. This is something that I have lived my life by. Always kept going no matter what life has thrown at me. Every time I fall, I get back up with determination, regardless of how hard it gets or how long it takes to reach my goal. This value sure is the key to unlocking success!


Dream Big

Discover your true calling with a professional life coach

My Approach

Together we will develop a coaching relationship that is determined by mutual trust and respect. You will feel safe conveying freedom of expression and be able to give me all the information that’s weighing on your mind without feeling judged or misunderstood; in these sessions, we can talk about anything- it doesn’t matter how big or small! Together we will work out plans for changing habits, thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you can live life as fully as possible right now while still building towards what comes next.

As a Professional Life Coach, my integrated coaching style combines PETs (Performance Enhancing Thoughts) this will help you to have thoughts that are positive about situations. I consider myself as being a helpful Coach who will listen to you and help you to reflect on your choices, behaviour, interpretations and judgements.


Take that next step in securing a bright and fulfilling future


Find balance in your life in no time with professional guidance


Restore balance in your life by exercising more and eating healthy


Structured, goal-driven program to help you make plans for the future


“Firstly let me start by saying that I was very sceptical about even enquiring into life coaching, I was also very nervous as to what to expect. 

But what I can say is that Priscilla made me feel at ease straight away with her tone, warmth, her way with words and understanding. Utter professional and her style were second to none.

I was at a stage in my life where I was at a complete crossroad with so much confusion with regards to the balance of my work, family & friends. But with the professional understanding of Priscilla, I now see these as new challenges instead of obstacles. Would highly recommend the services from Priscilla”

Tara Tobin

Digital Retention Specialist, Manchester

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