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Personal Life Coaching

Get your life back on track. Let’s work together to help you find out what makes you happy and reach your goals.

Career Building

Do you want to have a career that is self-rewarding where you contribute to making a difference? Don’t look back, you are at the right place!


Say hello to your new future

Sometimes you just know it’s time to start something new!


Coaching Relationship

based on honest & genuine conversations for results to happen sooner and effectively.

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Goal Setting

Obtaining realistic goals, in specific timeframes, which gives you the end results.

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Stress Management

Devising self-help techniques, combined with lifestyle changes to reduce stress and anxiety.

Career Progression

Boosting confidence to provide insight, inspiration and encouragement to take control.

What Is Life Coaching?

Some people need a little help to make sense of their lives. Having a life coach is the perfect way for you to get that assistance. With just one assessment session, I will probe into all aspects of your being – personality traits, social needs, and more, so I can find out what’s going on in your life. We will discuss areas; like career, relationships, behaviour patterns and specific ideas regarding how you can progress towards living the best life possible.

Who Is Life Coaching For?

Having a life coach is for you. The person who needs a friend and a guide to be happy. Priscilla Life Coaching is a site for people who want to make their life better. With the help of Priscilla, you can find and implement ways to improve your quality of life. Life coaching teaches you how to feel happier, healthier, more confident, and disciplined by learning effective strategies for success.

What People Are Saying

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Mooniama Ponnappah modely
Mooniama Ponnappah modely
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Empire Queen
Empire Queen
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Priscilla is a wonderful, professional coach, who listens to your problems without judgement and provides an honest perspective to achieve realistic goals. ?
Wonder World
Wonder World
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Priscilla has an authentic and natural way of getting the best out of people. Her genuine persona, has people from all walks of life gravitating towards her. Her passion and love for people, enables her as a Life Coach to help those that are looking for inspiration and direction. I would definitely recommend Priscilla.
Just Jam
Just Jam
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Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

A life coach can help you get unstuck and navigate change so you can grow personally, professionally and financially.

I will provide you with clarity in what you want, why you want it and how to get it. Motivating you to take little steps, find new ways both in work and home life to take you away from your comfort zone.


What Is The Process Like?

The Life Coaching Process is a two-way process wherein you, the client, will work with a trained coach to achieve personal and/or professional goals. By first, establishing and clarifying goals, breaking down the steps needed, and committing to achieving set goals.

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1. Book a free discovery session

This initial free 20-minute call is imperative.

Here we will be able to explore each other’s personalities. You’ll get a feel of my coaching style and expertise by the end of it then we can choose if we’re the right fit for one another!

In this discovery session, I will listen carefully to learn more about your goals or situation to help provide insight into how we should proceed from here.

2. Submit your questionnaire form

What would you like to work on?

Give me a little background so I can get an idea of where we should start. It’s completely free! Just fill a simple questionnaire and tell me what area you need help with, and if it seems as though my coaching sessions could benefit your life, then just let the magic happen.

I will send you an invoice. On receiving payment, we will commence our sessions.

3. Clarifying what you want

You will need to establish what you perceive as success.

It is paramount because this fundamentally will be the framework of what future sessions are based on for us to work together effectively.

Once we both have established what success looks like, we must agree upon what should form our basis for measurement so I can begin working with you from there. This will increase motivation from you as you can see that you are nearer to achieving your desired outcome.

4. Where are you now?

After establishing your expectations and what your goals are. Together we will determine your present state.

What your current situation looks like or the issues that you want to work through. During this process, we will acknowledge any achievements that you may have made.

5. Let's look at the gap

We will discover what makes up the gap between where you are at present and your desired destination.

The gap could be what is holding you back. Is it your lack of confidence or self-belief, fear of change, lack of support, lack of resources?

6. Goal setting

So that we can get you from the present to your desired destination, we will explore what you need to start doing differently.

I’ll analyse and break down all of your values, strengths, and weaknesses for us to figure out how best to move forward together.

Your new goals have to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed). Without action, goals won’t become reality. During this process; Together, we’re going to shake things up until change happens; the outcome will largely depend on you taking the necessary actions as planned.

7. Review and assess progress

Okay, sounds like we’ve covered a lot of ground. I’ll make sure to summarize your insights and actions so that they can be revisited in the future as needed.

This is your chance to provide feedback on what you found helpful and challenging. Also, what you would like to see more or less of for future coaching conversations.

Area Of Expertise


✓ Weight loss/gain
✓ Breaking bad habits
✓ Illness
✓ Exercise
✓ Relaxation
✓ Lack of energy


✓ Obtaining work/life balance
✓ Low-self-esteem
✓ Coping with stress
✓ Lack of positivity/motivation
✓ Negative self-esteem
✓ Find/develop your purpose

Personal Growth

✓ Career development/goals
✓Effective communication
✓ Time management skills
✓ Relationship skills
✓ Building confidence
✓ Clarity and accountability

About Me

My name is Priscilla!

Personal Life Coach. I have a Diploma in Life Coaching accredited by ICI

When my clients open up to me, it is because they Trust and Respect me and my judgement. However, to ensure that I retain your trust, I always uphold total Confidentiality.

I am being hired by you for a reason and that is to help you make a difference in your life.

Empathy is another one of my core skills. That’s how I can truly understand what you are going through, and help you find a way to reach your life objective. 



Before I was overweight/not sleeping/not healthy

After speaking with Priscilla I am now drinking water regularly, I have cut my portion sizes and I find healthier snacks and recipes and I sleep much better which has resulted in me losing 1 stone in 3months,

With Priscilla’s guidance, I was able to create a healthy lifestyle, and it was always my choice, so for me speaking to Priscilla was the best decision I have made.

Thank you so much for the time spent together and the progress you’ve helped me make in my life changes, I wouldn’t be achieving my goals without your support”

Vanessa Harriott

Office Manageress, Elite ELS

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